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Magomed Tolboev

The first stage of the ATMOSPHERE JUMP program will be executed during MAKS 2003 in presence of Vladimir Putin, the RF President.

We invite foreign sponsors. We offer to place your advertisement on the high-altitude aerostat, landing capsule and spacesuit. Contact phone / fax : (+7 095) 700 40 98


Jump from outer space.
First stage - Shuttlecock.

Project has been supported by Moscow Government, Moscow Region Government and personally by Yuri Luzhkov, Moscow Major, and Boris Gromov, Moscow Region Governor.


Jump from outer space.
New stage of space exploration.

Participants: Magomed Tolboev and Alexei Kozlov
The World's Ceiling project is a worth competitor for foreign projects concerning overcoming of 40 km altitude boundary.

High-altitude aerostat test-bed AVGUR-40000, which is designed specially for this project, will lift up to 35 000 m altitude. One of the participants will make delayed parachute jump going through sonic speed at the altitude about 31 000 m. Piloting by the second participant the aerostat will reach 40 500 m altitude and then it will be landed after 9 hours of flight.

The autobiographic book TESTING.

The book has edition of 1000 copies without the right of sale.

"I have given to my book the title TESTING, because in my life I really have to go through many difficulties. Testing of state-of-art aircraft even in out-of-line modes is not the most difficult problem that had appeared in my life. Testing by ordinary house holding, lack of money for purchasing things of the first need, friendship, politics, official admittance and wealth - all these inscribe into the classic framework: fire, water and glorifying trumpets. I hope that my reader will not conclude after the last page: " I don't believe".

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Jamp from outer space


First stage - Shuttlecock


New stage of space exploration




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